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2016 Meeting Presentations

You may download or view the presentation in Adobe Acrobat PDF format by clicking the link in the DOWNLOAD column below. NA indicates that presentation is not available
Title and Presenter
Wednesday, October 12, 2016 - First Session
1:30 P.M.
Opening Remarks - Jeff Heusel, AMCA Washington Day - Rosmarie Kelly


1:50 P.M.
Thermal Fogging and Barrier Sprays - Joe Andrews
2:10 P.M.
The Commercial Applicator's Response to Zika - Jeremiah Lewis
2:30 P.M.
Evaluating the Effects of Temperature Variation on Arboviruses - Blanka Tesla
3:05 P.M.
Zika Virus - Daniel Lindsey
3:30 P.M.
Industry Spotlight - Central Life Sciences, Clarke
3:50 P.M.
Update: Mosquito Surveillance Program in Richmond County, Georgia - Kelsey Laymon
4:20 P.M.
Effects of Latitudinal Variation on Vectorial Capacity for Aedes albopictus Across the United States - Kerri Miazgowicz
4:40 P.M.

Microclimate and Wild Mosquitoes in Athens, GA - Michelle Evans

Thursday, October 13, 2016 - Second Session
9:00 A.M.
UGA Entomology Department Update - Kris Braman
9:20 A.M.
Eprinomectin, Anopheles and Cattle: Furthering Zooprophylaxis Tactics to Control Malaria - Annie Rich
9:45 A.M.
Zika Epidemiology - Amanda Feldpausch
10:30 A.M.
Industry Spotlight - Bayer, Curtis DynaFog
11:00 A.M.
CDC: Vector-Borne Diseases Regional Centers for Excellence Proposal Status - Elmer Gray
Thursday, October 13, 2016 - Third Session
1:30 P.M.
College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Update - Dean Sam Pardue
1:55 P.M.
Pollinator Update - Gordon Morrison
2:20 P.M.
Safety First When Applying Pesticides: Use Pesticides Responsibly! - Mickey Taylor
3:00 P.M.
GovPilot - Sandy Lyna
3:45 P.M.
Environmental Health Strike Teams - Chris Kumnick
4:05 P.M.
Industry Spotlight - Target Specialty Products, UNIVAR, AllPro
4:25 P.M.
So What Else Happened in 2016? - Rosmarie Kelly
Friday, October 14, 2016 - Fourth Session
9:00 A.M.
A Termite Researcher's Opinion on Surveillance and Management of Aedes albopictus in the Georgia Piedmont - Brian Forschler
9:20 A.M.
Identification of Semiochemicals Attractive to Simulium vittatum (IS-7). - Gui Verocai
9:40 A.M.
A New Approach to Storm Water Management - Fred Koehle
10:00 A.M.
Mosquito Gut Microbiota Project Objectives - Bret Boyd
10:20 A.M.
West Nile Virus Surveillance in Wild Birds 2014-2016 - Joseph McMillan
11:00 A.M.
Revisiting Dadd's Mosquito Theory - Donald Beasely